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Studio management tools to help
professional photographers be professional.

Forms for leads, proposals or questionnaires, email campaigns, digital contracts, scheduling and reports.

Digital contracts

Digital contracts

  • Create contracts that auto-populate names, contact info, pre-purchased products/packages, venues and dates.
  • Save contracts as templates for re-use.
  • Easily email contracts to all parties.
  • Users can sign using a mouse or their finger on a mobile device.
  • All parties are notified via email when a signature is received.
  • Contracts are digitally finger printed so they cannot be altered.
custom forms

Simplify your workflow with custom forms & pre-payments

Generate leads, create questionnaires and/or accept session fees, deposit payments or pre-orders for future events. It's simple to create powerful forms that can do all this and more.
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Scheduling for photographers

Booking appointments is a breeze

Create a scheduler in any custom form, embed it on any site, and allow your clients to book future sessions or book time slots for an up-coming event. Appointments can be confirmed automatically or manually. You can sync your appointments with any calendar app as well.
Mass email marketing for photographers

Keep busy with email marketing campaigns

Create timely marketing email campaigns and gage their success with open, click-throughs, unsubscribes and bounces. Link your emails to your registration form and accept deposits or session fees for extra convenience for you and your clients!

Set up appointment and event reminders to automatically email your customers and see their success rates as well.


Get great insights from our business intelligence and visitor reports

Understanding your business just got a whole lot simpler. With our detailed reports you will see how your site is used, track your sales and expenses, view who owes you money and much more.

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