We’ve been hard a work building a bunch a features and tools for high-volume photography.

Our latest feature, is a new type of event that was built for events that use the pre-pay model and do not require online proofing or selling after the event.

This Non-proofing event still allows you to upload your images for offline storage and allows you to track and fulfill all your orders.

But best of all, it works with our improved event forms which allow you to have customers,

pre-register, schedule a time and pre-pay for ANY service, package or item you want to sell them.

When your customer pre-purchases from a non-proofing event form, we apply shipping, taxes, order minimums and coupons and/or discounts at that time. This differs from our standard event forms which allow you to take pre-orders as well but assumes the user will come back after the event has been uploaded to complete their orders, so we wait to calculate the shipping, taxes and discounts until that time.

To create a non-proofing event, you simply choose Add Event > Add non-proofing event from the Event link in the main menu.