You can now upload a CSV file to import photography customers in bulk. While that's super convenient, what we are really excited about is the ability to import a CSV file that is related to an event. With this innovation, you can upload a file and we will turn it into customers, link the customers to the event as Known Customers and use our GalleryMagic feature to take any Subject/Student data and turn that into named galleries automatically, saving hours of data input.

Individual galleries can also be password protected so your clients' privacy is respected.

In a perfect world, a school would provide both parent and child information, but since that doesn't always happen, we can still create password protected galleries based on student information only. In fact the only data we need is a Student ID or name.

Couple this feature with our SortMagic QR code system which automatically populates your galleries with the right images and you have the most affordable high-volume photography solution on the market.

CSV file customer import tutorial from Proofpix on Vimeo.