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Follow these seven easy steps to help keep your business unprofitable:

Do only what you want

Reject any client suggestions and requests that interfere with your creative vision. You’re the artist, not them. Some people feel like they should be able to make creative decisions just because they are paying you, don’t fall into that trap!

Buy equipment

When you go to an educational event take note of everything the instructor is using and buy the same equipment. Your work will look just like theirs and you’ll quickly become as successful as the instructor that you admire. Be sure to have the shipping expedited. The cost of overnight shipping is a small price to pay to strike while the iron is hot! You can 10X your results by putting it all on your credit card.

Put your business first

This is your business not theirs. Your first priority must be yourself in order to stay in business. Institute policies that make sure you are always in control of everything and do not deviate from them.

Assume people should know what photography costs

Even though most people have never bought photography before, they should know it’s value. There’s no reason to educate people on the benefits of professional photography or demonstrate the value behind your price. The price is the price and that’s it. Just that simple.

Never offer to make good

It happens to all of us. You do the work and the client isn’t satisfied. The saying “the customer is always right” is an antiquated yarn. Stand your ground, you’re the expert!

Complain about the industry

It’s no secret – the industry sucks. There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth and not talking about your displeasure would be a lie of omission. It’s not a bad attitude, it’s called being honest. There’s also nothing wrong with telling people how bad other photographers are, it shows how good you are in comparison.

Post your bad experiences on social media

There’s no better way to get the word out than to tell the world about your problem customers. You never know, they may see it and change their ways. Even if they don’t it will show that you mean business and future customers better do what you say or face the consequences.

The reality

We’re in a service business and our job is to serve the needs of others. Every client deserves love and we should be grateful for every one of them, treat them like royalty and do everything we can to serve them. Without them, we would starve. Everyone knows at least three photographers and they will go with the one they know, like and trust. It’s up to us to be the most likable and trustworthy photographer they know.

Chuck Vosburgh has more than 30 years of experience as a commercial photographer and author ofHow to Sell Photography Without Becoming a Salesman. Learn more athttp://vosburghphoto.comChuck can be reached at Chuck@ChuckVosburgh.com or 727.743.1740