Our new calendar widget allows you to view your upcoming photo sessions and appointments so you can manage your time and team more effectively.

Customers can book photo session appointments through your custom forms if you add a scheduler component to them. You can set up the scheduler to auto-confirm appointments or you can confirm appointments manually. When an appointment is submitted, you receive an email that allows you to confirm the appointment and add it to your Outlook or iCalendar with just a single click. Or if you prefer, you can confirm appointments using the new calendar widget in the admin control panel. Once an appointment is confirmed, your client will receive a confirmation via email.

We have also added custom appointment reminder emails so your clients automatically receive email reminders about their upcoming appointments. Your clients will be able to:
  • Add the appointment to their favorite calendar
  • Cancel or request to re-schedule appointments with just a click

You can configure a tailored message and choose the number of days prior to the appointment that the email reminder will be sent.

Hope you enjoy the new features! Please let us know how we can make running your photography business more efficient.

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