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Nobody really likes dealing with the legal side of business transactions because they can be costly, hard to understand and let's face it, not much fun at all!

Professional photographers should always protect themselves from liability with a signed, written contract. Not only do contracts clearly set the expectations for the photographer and their clients, they also establish grounds for recourse should either party not fulfill their end of the agreement, making it much easier to pursue satisfaction in a court of law.

Contracts also have the advantage of setting one's clients at ease. A clearly laid out contract actually helps reduce stress and will be one less thing to worry about on the big day!

A good photography contract usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Customers name and contact information (both bride & groom or mother & father if possible)
  • Date & time of the event and a list of all the locations being used (perhaps list the time expected and the number of photographers being used at each one)
  • A detailed description of the services and pre-purchased products or packages to be supplied
  • A breakdown of fees including deposit and payment schedule and the type of payments you accept
  • Detailed description of usage rights
  • Model release
  • Legal jurisdiction (where will disputes be solved)
  • Signatures of all parties involved
We are pleased to announce that all paid Proofpix accounts now include digital contracts that can be signed on any device with either a mouse or with your finger on a mobile device. 

Our digital contracts can be saved as templates so you can re-use them over and over again with little fuss.

Contracts are easily emailed and follow-up emails are automatically sent to all parties whenever a signature is received so everyone is always aware of current status.

Once all signatures are received, the final pdf document is downloadable and encrypted with a digital signature so we can be sure that the copy any party possesses has not been altered.

We will be adding some common contract templates that our clients are free to use and tailor to their needs.

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