It is important for photographers to have the flexibility they need to sell the way they want to. With that in mind, Proofpix strives to deliver solutions that can keep up with photographers’ demands while remaining easy-to-use both for them and for their clients.

Recently we were asked to accommodate a type of bulk discount that we had not envisioned of previously. A photographer who shoots high-volume school photography and does his own print fulfillment explained that he sells and prices his work as follows:

He creates 10 different layouts from a single 8x10 sheet which results in 10 different per-pose packages:

Package A

1 - 8x10

Package B

2 - 5x7

Package C

4 - 4x5

Package D
8 - Wallets

And so on…

He sells the first sheet, regardless of the layout, for $20 and any additional sheet for $18.

While we offered per-pose packages which inherently include discounts and we offered percentage-based bulk discounts which would give the buyer a discount for the matching items in their cart, we could not find a way to accommodate this “stepped” approach to discounted his items. So we built it!

We have added four massive improvements:

  1. You may apply bulk discounts to a category of products, such as Photo Prints

  2. You may specify the range when a particular discount be given (between 1 and 1 products no discount is given. Between 2 and 5 products, a 10% discount applies, and a 15% discount applies with 6 or more items)

  3. You can also specify if the discount applies to all the items in the cart or just to the items in the range

  4. You can choose between percentage or finite money amount discounts