The SortMagic App is born and it brings with it a simplicity never before experienced with high-volume photography solutions.

The SortMagic AppĀ eliminates the tedious task of sorting thousands of images into hundreds of galleries for high-volume photography events without the need for unreliable QR codes or expensive, burdensome tethering equipment.

Some highlights:
  • The app works on iOS and Android devices
  • The app can be used by multiple photographers at the same event
  • The app tracks each photographer's time per session so you can stay on track
  • The app requires just two clicks between sessions to track users
  • Galleries can be added on-the-fly for surprise/unknown attendees
  • The app can work without an internet connection and sync later when it finds one
  • Gallery URLs and passwords can be shared on the spot by any method (email, SMS, social networks)
  • The app can read QR codes to make gallery selection easier (but not required)

Watch the video to learn how easy the app is to use:

The SortMagic App is part of the Proofpix family of services that allows a photographer to proof, sell and share their photography from one unified platform.

The SortMagic high-volume photography app is available now!
Click here for installation and instructions.


Comment by Barry

Great app