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High-volume photography app
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Private client proofing galleries

Display, proof and sell your work, commission-free in stunning galleries.

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Studio management sales reports
Digital contract on mobile phone

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Studio management tools

Forms for leads, proposals or questionnaires, email campaigns, digital contracts, scheduling and reports.

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High-volume photography solutions

Solve your high-volume photography bottlenecks with our automated GalleryMagic workflow and SortMagic app.

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High-volume photography solutions

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...[reduced] my load times by 5 days

My genre of photography is dance, and I photograph more than 3500 dancers a year. One of the biggest challenges for me, is how to display this much media, and get the families to their pictures quickly, as well as, have a check out system in place that works for me and my clients.

...The staff at Proofpix was helpful in understanding what it is that I do, and with some beta testing, were able to come up with a method that allows my clients to fill out a form that automatically creates a gallery and password for them, and made it easier for me to populate everyone’s gallery much quicker. Actually reducing my load times by 5 days!

...If you’re tired of your web site kinda working, move to Proofpix and get on with making pictures again, and making a living doing what you enjoy doing. Leave the tech to the Web Masters at Proofpix.

James Culp …a photographer.

Everything just makes sense.

After using proofpix for the last 15 months I have no doubt that it's the best proofing system out there. Designed for photographers, super easy to use with literally no learning curve and with all the features a professional photographer needs. Everything just makes sense.

Proofpix willingness to listen and make changes are pretty significant. Customer service has always been very quick, most of the times you can live chat with a customer service rep. Julian is the best.

Lars Hjelmroth, Owner/Photographer

...Highly Recommend Proofpix...

I am an Equine event photographer. Proofpix has made life so much easier. I can now allow my clients to view the proofs from the entire event in a very short amount of time (within 3 days instead of 7). The customer can categorize their pictures in favorites and this makes ordering easier.

The Customer Support has been Fantastic and over all I would Highly Recommend Proofpix to anyone.

just Love it!!

Kate Vaughn
KRV Photography

...lots of options...

Proofpix is a great way to get your images in front of your clients! There are lots of options for setting up your price list, watermarking, etc.!

Give it a try!

Ken Andrus

It feels like you care.

Just wanted to thank you for your help with my event. It all came together with no hassle... even though I am based in the UK, you always get back straight away with any issues I have, big or small which is much appreciated.

I really do like the intuitive nature of Proofpix. It has everything there that I need and I really appreciate the fact that you help out so quickly when there is something that I have a problem with. It feels like you care. The site looks great too!

Elaine Tuffery

Thank you for making me look good!

Just had my first client experience the new site and she loves it. She has been with me for close to 8 years so has had quite few sessions with me and she said, "best change ever".

Thank you for making me look good!

Meg Holmes

...easy sales and online viewing...

Proofpix helps me put my photos in front of my clients on whatever device they are using providing me easy sales and online viewing, complete with video tutorials that show my clients how easy it is to place their order so that I can do what I love most... taking photos!

Cody, Photographer, Colorado

...the best ordering system...

...I look at the ease of use and the features offered and it is by far the best ordering system I have used to date. Knowing how Julian has responded to my issues and the quick fixes that have been made I could say this software is a great investment. It will make your online ordering by clients easier for you and them. I always see software as a growing project and I am sure this will get nothing but even better going forward.

Mike Kleber

...modern and refreshing...

...any time I had a question or concern, Julian would help right away and a lot of times call to discuss things more freely than using the online chat.

The look and feel of the Proofpix e-commerce is modern and refreshing. I'm glad I chose to jump into the beta testing and think I even helped with some feedback from a client of mine that I shared with Proofpix.

It's been an enjoyable experience.

Jean Wozniak

We love Proofpix!

We love using Proofpix for all our client proofing. Our clients really enjoy its ease of use, and we enjoy its capability to meet all our growing proofing needs.

We love Proofpix!

Angie & Kenny

Five stars!

Absolutely phenomenal customer support! I've never worked with a company that was this attentive and helpful!

Colby H. Bueche

You can't go wrong with this comprehensive photography e-commerce gallery solution!

As the owner of small photography business, husband and father, I am always working hard to maintain a work/life balance. Photographer, editor,accountant, marketing manager, and HR are some of my duties as the owner of AJW Studio. To be efficient, I need an e-commerce photography service that automates as many of those roles as possible, and switching to Proofpix has helped tip the balance back towards family time.

The customer galleries look great on PC monitors, tablets and cell phones.The photographer's primary interface is clear and uncluttered as is the customer gallery view. My customers who range in age from 18 to 80, do not call me with questions about how to view their images, or how to make purchases.

Additionally, the high volume photography features are time savers, such as automated customer gallery creation. Their reasonable fee structure won't make you poor, and the versatile event template creation section is intuitive and fun to use. Did I mention that there is a built-in forms creation tool? I ditched my 3rd party email and contract creation tools.

Finally, Proofpix' customer service is beyond amazing. All of my questions are answered with respect and detail in a timely manner. However, I must say, I am most impressed with their willingness seek feedback from their business clients like myself. I've already seen 2 of my suggestions incorporated into the Proofpix system.

You can't go wrong with this comprehensive photography e-commerce gallery solution!

Arnold Ward

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