If you use WHCC to fulfill your high-volume photography orders and you are shipping a bunch of orders to your studio, you may now consolidate those orders into one single WHCC order, making it easier to manage and a lot less expensive to ship for some items.

Just use the Consolidate lab shipping menu on the Manage orders page to find eligible orders to consolidate and then choose the orders you wish to consolidate and press the Send to lab button. Easy.


We are pleased to announce that you can request emails when someone tries to access a password protected event. Prior to this we would only ask for an email address when we needed to, primarily when a user wanted to save something to their Favorites or to their cart.

Now the choice is yours. You can enable email capture in any Event's settings page.

Please keep in mind, especially for European customers, that it may not be legal (or appreciated) to market to people just because they gave you their email.

You can now upload a CSV file to import photography customers in bulk. While that's super convenient, what we are really excited about is the ability to import a CSV file that is related to an event. With this innovation, you can upload a file and we will turn it into customers, link the customers to the event as Known Customers and use our GalleryMagic feature to take any Subject/Student data and turn that into named galleries automatically, saving hours of data input.

Individual galleries can also be password protected so your clients' privacy is respected.

In a perfect world, a school would provide both parent and child information, but since that doesn't always happen, we can still create password protected galleries based on student information only. In fact the only data we need is a Student ID or name.

Couple this feature with our SortMagic QR code system which automatically populates your galleries with the right images and you have the most affordable high-volume photography solution on the market.

CSV file customer import tutorial from Proofpix on Vimeo.

Now you may view, copy and paste a complete, alphabetical list of the files used in your clients' order or favorite selections.

Just open either an order or a favorites gallery from the admin and click the File List button to see the file names.

The Proofpix Lightroom plugin allows you to export your images from Lightroom into our system but it does not work in the opposite direction where a client's selections are pulled back into Lightroom. Well that just changed forever!

Check out the video below to see how we used the new File List feature in conjunction with the Photo List Importer Plug-in from http://www.photographers-toolbox.com/ to create a collection in Lightroom for a customer's favorites. You no longer have to waste time hunting down file names to complete your edits. Booyah!

We are pleased to announce a much requested feature, entire event and gallery downloads.

Your clients can now download all the images in an event or in a gallery. The download can either be free or paid.

To set free downloads, open the Event level sharing section in the event's settings page, and move the downloads slider to the unlimited setting.

To set up paid downloads, click on the Downloads tab in your pricelist and add a price to either the Complete event download or Complete gallery download products shown. 

In either case, the download will be accessed from the new Downloads menu link that will appear in the event's nav bar.

If a client is downloading a Free download, the user will be prompted to enter in their email address and then a zip file will be created and downloaded automatically.

If a client is downloading a Paid download, the download will be added to the user's cart. Once the order is placed, you will have the opportunity to re-upload retouched versions and then "release the downloads" when you are ready to fulfill the order.

While you can offer both free and paid downloads in a single event, it may be preferable to choose one or the other so as not to confuse your customer. If you do choose to offer both, it is recommended that the free downloads be offered at a lower resolution that the paid ones.

If your images are watermarked, free downloads will include the watermark, unless you set the download resolution to the Original setting, in which case we will deliver the image without a watermark.