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Beautiful client galleries made with Love.

Display, proof and sell your work, commission-free in stunning galleries.

responsive design

Look brilliant on any device

Whether your clients view their event galleries on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop your responsive event proofing site will always look great and be user-friendly. Your images are displayed in high density* so they look crisp and brilliant.
*2x resolution on supported devices
theme controls

Personalize your client galleries with intuitive design controls

Match your branding, style of event or a season by creating unlimited web site themes and reuse them as suits you. Upload your own logo and control all colors, backgrounds, plus choose from over 300 Google fonts and choose which cover image to display for each client gallery.
standard gallery
masonry gallery
mosaic gallery
square gallery
instamatic gallery
slide gallery
vintage gallery
antique gallery

Eight thumbnail layouts to suit any style

Not all events are the same so why should your client galleries be? Pick a thumbnail layout that suits your client's style and customize your client galleries by changing the spacing between the thumbnails or changing the border, matte and background colors.

Closer means faster client galleries

Wherever you are in the world, you will always get the fastest and most reliable photography hosting because Proofpix uses Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to power your client proofing galleries. Proofpix is the only event proofing company that allows you to choose the closest Amazon data center to your clients so their event proofing galleries are delivered with the least amount of network latency.

Powerful selling tools that fit your business.

So you can sell your way with your rules & workflow.

No commissions

on any of your sales, ever.
'Cause that is just silly.

And no wait

Accept credit cards in these currencies and get paid instantly into your PayPal©, Square© or Stripe© account.
whcc lab partner

Use a partner lab

Fulfill your print, mounted print, metal, canvas, float wrap and sports or school photography orders with one of our partners.
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Or self-fulfill

your event proofing orders through your own lab or studio at no charge from us. To make it easier, you can output ROES Events data and cropped images directly.
selling menu

The tools you need to sell your way

  • Set your own prices in pricelists and apply them to different events or customers or accept zero-amount orders.
  • Combine multiple products into single-pose or multi-pose packages.
  • Drive sales with coupons and apply them to specific events or customers with date and minimum restrictions.
  • Apply percentage or finite order-level discounts and/or quantity discounts on products.
  • Set local and/or federal taxes or use our built-in tax service to calculate taxes automatically.
  • Set product or order-level shipping fees and calculate finite or percentage-based fees for domestic and international orders.
simple downloads

Downloads made simple

Proofpix offers three ways for your clients to download their event images:
  1. If you allow it, your customers can download their images directly from their client galleries as they browse. You choose how many images can be downloaded per person and at what resolution. You can even allow clients to download complete galleries or all galleries with just a click.
  2. Alternatively, you can have your clients add images to their cart and after they purchase, you can make your edits, re-upload the images, and deliver them to your client with one simple click.
  3. You can also simply email a gallery or all the galleries in an event to anyone with just a few clicks.
known customers

Handle different customers, well, differently

Often you shoot events where you know some customers but not others. Proofpix makes it super simple to handle this without having to create separate events. Simply enter in the Known customers and you can customize the following options for each one:
  • Pricelists
  • Discounts
  • Payment method
  • Shipping/Pick-up
  • Access to private galleries
  • Pre-populate cart with pre purchased packages
  • Downloads and sharing
sharing controls

Too share or not to share

You've probably wondered if allowing your customers to share your images on social media will reduce the value of your work or be a missed marketing opportunity. Well now you can have it both ways!

Proofpix is the only event proofing company that allows you to choose which services your clients can share with and control how many images can be shared per user.


We are serious about security

  • Your originals are untouched so you can rest assured that your files are safe when using our off-site backup.
  • File names are appended with random characters so they cannot be guessed and downloaded.
  • Password protect an entire event, an individual gallery or use customer-specific passwords to give clients different viewing privileges.
  • Access events via password only so all your events are not on display.
  • Watermark your images and/or keep meta-data embedded for your protection.
  • All sensitive data is encrypted in our database so even if it was hacked the information is not legible.

Fast, simple administration

Whether you're uploading images, creating events or checking orders on the go from your mobile phone, our administration control panel makes your job easier. All items are easily cloned or templated so your repetitive tasks can be managed with fewer clicks.

Use Adobe© Lightroom? No problem! Use our free plug-in to manage and upload events from Lightroom.

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