High-volume photography, automated.

GalleryMagic & SortMagic

If you shoot high-volume photography events such as schools, sports teams or dance studios, then you already know that they are a lot of work. That's why we built two amazing tools that will streamline your workflow and save you hours and hours of work and headache.

GalleryMagic workflow

  1. Create an event in the Proofpix admin
    • If your clients choose their own images after the event, then you will create a Standard event.
    • If you use the pre-pay model and select the images on behalf of your clients, then you will create a Non-proofing event in our system. A Non-proofing event still allows you to upload your images for off-site back and keep track of your orders and reports.
  2. Create a registration form in the Proofpix admin
    • You are required to add a Customer to the form (one click). When the form is submitted, we will automatically add this customer to your own customer management database.
    • You may add a Subject/Model element to the form. This allows a parent to add multiple children when submitting the form. This is great for you to know how many people you are shooting so you may book the appropriate number of assistants and equipment.
    • Enable the GalleryMagic feature at the Customer or the Model/Subject level. If you select the Customer level, a single gallery with the customer's name will be created in our system automatically when the form is submitted. If you selected the Model level, then a gallery for each child will be created with their names.
    • You can also enable a feature to only show this family their own galleries when viewing the event so they do not get bogged down looking through everyone else's gallery place holders. This will also password protect each family's galleries so only they have access to their own galleries.
    • You may also add scheduling so your clients can book their session time.
    • You may also set up pre-payments for deposits, sitting fees or pre-sell any product or package you offer. No more checks or chash in envelopes!
  3. Use our event invitation feature to email your list the link to the form or embed it on your own site

SortMagic workflow

  1. At the event, prior to photographing the subject, you pull up the QR code on your mobile device that matches the person's name
  2. Take a picture of the QR code with your camera
  3. Photograph the subject
  4. Repeat with the next subject
  5. After the event, upload all the images from your camera in a single upload, making sure to select the SortMagic checkbox prior to doing so
  6. Our system will automatically cull the right images into the right galleries
  7. Use the event email invition feature to automatically email all your clients a link and their own personal passwords to the event
There is no problem re-shooting a subject as long as you take a picture of their QR code again prior to the second shoot.
Want to get into high-volume photography or improve your skills, read our blog post, A beginner's guide to high-volume photography.
GalleryMagic and SortMagic are only $4.99/month each. Both are included in our Pro plan for just $19.99/month. Compare that to Snapizzi.com at $39/month which still requires that you pay for a compatible proofing service as well.
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