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Studio management sales reports
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High-volume photography solutions

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I feel extremely compelled to share my experience using Proofpix! I am a full time photographer and this year I received a bid to do volume photography at a middle and high school. I was so excited when I heard I'd be hired, until I started realizing that volume photography was very different from anything I did before, and truly had no idea where to begin!

I started doing research and found a reasonable solution but not one that truly made sense to me. Two days after I signed the contract I frantically searched google to see what else I could use that would make sense for me from an administrative position, and what would be the easiest solution for my student clients, and that's when I found proofpix!

I remember anxiously sending an email explaining I was completely starting from scratch, and was very much overwhelmed. Julian responded promptly, assured we can figure this out, and scheduled a call for the next day that lasted for about 45 minutes. During this call he not only went into detail explaining the system, patiently answering all of my questions, and the best part, there's a two week trial! I was able to practice my workflow before the event actually happened.

Another one of my concerns was privacy, after all, I was working with literally hundreds of minors and wanted to make sure there were galleries that could be password protected and like magic, there was!

I will admit I had a lot of learning curves to get through, but the team at Proofpix was always very patient and explained whatever I needed, often with videos to help explain.

Needless to say, I'm extremely happy to have found Proofpix, and I'm also really excited that after my first time doing this, I was offered to come back next school year!

Thank you Julian and the team at Proofpix! You've made what was once a huge mountain, a manageable hill and I greatly appreciate the thought and effort put into Proofpix!

Talya Hailey McCaulley

Proofpix has certainly let us live more!

As a small photography business that specializes in photographing preschools, my wife and I are always looking for ways to help ease the load of our workflow that would turn the tide from living to work into working to live.

Proofpix has certainly let us live more! We just finished our first season (fall) using Proofpix and frankly, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Every time my wife places an order, she can’t believe that she is already done and all that is left is to deliver to the school when the order arrives. This all-inclusive approach has allowed us to get further ahead and not feel so rushed going into the next season. We actually have time to book some studio shoots before preparing for our preschool spring session.

The great support team at Proofpix is always willing to walk us through anything that we don’t understand.

Thank you Proofpix for giving us that edge.

Vicki and Jason Powell

My per order average has tripled...

The more I use ProofPix the more I love it. I can’t get over how responsive you are every time I send a chat message.

I stopped using one of the other guys due to the fees involved and it confirmed my decision when I recently got a bill for $12.56 for a single order for $104. I've already made more from one single event than I did using the other platform for 5 events. My per order average has tripled and if I stuck with the old system I would have given up over $250 in fees for my most recent job. My fee with Proofpix: $21. I love that. Thanks again.

Mark from Shooting Trio

..switching to Proofpix was a no-brainer...

I have tried several proofing gallery platforms and switching to Proofpix was a no-brainer for me. Proofpix has empowered me as a business owner, a mother, and a community member.

As a business owner, my focus is to spend more time on business-building activities, less time on administrative tasks, and keeping costs low. As a mother, my focus is to spend more time with my family and contribute more to our family's finances. As a community member, it is important to me to give back to education - whether it is through charitable contributions or volunteerism.

Proofpix features like the SortMagic app (which automates sorting and organizing photos), integrated lab fulfillment... are the reason I can check all of the boxes. Additionally, Proofpix contracts [feature] makes it simple to send and sign contracts, and keeps them securely in one place...

Julian was thorough when explaining the value of the Proofpix platform and helpful when navigating the power of the SortMagic app; he is passionate about developing and offering a best-in-class product to Proofpix customers. The Proofpix team is available and responsive to questions about how to make it fit seamlessly into your workflow. If you are considering a switch, take advantage of the free trial period!

Michele Noma

...the premier solution for volume photography...

Being an early adopter of Proofpix, I been able to see a TON of growth within the Proofpix system. They have created an ecosystem that is quickly growing into the premier solution for volume photography!

These folks don’t just want to put out a system that works, they want to put out a system that is the BEST and they aren’t afraid to talk with their users to make that happen.

If you are on the fence, don’t be. You won’t be sorry! I have transitioned all my volume sports composite work over to Proofpix and I couldn’t be happier.

Jocey, Jocelynn Wright Photography

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